My Journey: October 2013 Update

I’ve been horrifically lazy in October… only one new blog post for the whole month. This has been due to a combination of various factors, I’ve been crazy busy at work and after getting engaged at the start of the month I’ve also been visiting heaps of wedding venues with my fiancé (my job is to try and keep costs down!)

Debt Reduction

My offset account only increased by $1,000 for the month of October – we had to replace our washing machine as it was destroyed in a power surge, and there was also a significant amount of money which went to paying the remainder off of the engagement ring. I’m keen to make a big dent in my debt levels in November to start catching up.


A helpful factor which will help me reduce my debt quicker is the payrise I received during the month. My income has gone up 3.3% – while this is barely above inflation, the extra $2500 per year is definitely welcome. The entirety of this increase will be committed towards debt reduction.

I’ve been a lazy blogger this month… (Image Source)

Blog Progress


Despite only posting once for the month, my traffic for October was only slightly down with 1,005 visitors (down from 1,200 for September) however the amount of traffic coming from organic searches has doubled. This traffic is quite targeted and searching for information regarding each topic I write about as opposed to regular readers who may just have a passing interest (but I still love you regular readers!)


After a month of pretty much ignoring the site, my hopes weren’t high for revenue this month. Logging into my Adsense account earlier today I was pleasantly surprised to see that my earnings were at an all time high – $10. Still nothing to write home about, but at least it’s enough to pay for my hosting bill. Then on a whim I checked my FlexOffers account (who provide some of my banners). $72 for October! This pushes my October revenue to over 10 times my September figure without putting in any effort to the site at all… the joys of residual traffic eh?


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  1. MoneyAhoy says:

    Great progress on the FlexOffers income!

  2. Simon Cave says:

    Thanks Evan for this post! I must say sometimes it’s complicated to do some blogging and have a social life at the same time. Thanks also for mentioning FlexOffer, I didn’t know this service. Definitely something I will implement on my website!

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